Natural Collocated Interactions for Merging Results with Mobile Devices


In collocated collaborative work, group members typi-cally create, edit and share content to perform specific tasks. Working digitally, e.g. with mobile devices, facili-tates the further processing. However, direct communi-cation plays a decisive role. Since some tasks have to be split to be worked on, individual results have to be discussed and merged for a final solution. We provide intuitive multi-device interactions to support group members in merging multiple partial solutions to one integrated solution seamlessly. Each mobile device shows one solution that can be used completely or in parts. Our proposed interactions include complementing one part of a solution with further parts. Furthermore, content can be added or replaced by “pouring” content between several mobile devices. We implemented an application prototype to show the feasibility of our in-teractions. They enable an integration of mobile devices in collaborative work without replacing direct communi-cation and support users in fulfilling their given tasks.

In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct (MobileHCI 2016), ACM New York, NY, USA